Sunday, July 08, 2007

Transformers - A movie so sucks I ever seen !

The members of IMDB rates 8.5. That's a big joke. They give a movie only the outstanding visual effect but no subject matter so high appreciation. That's radiculus. Michael bay and his team not only extend the oringinal story and give more deeply interpret but also destroy the all setting in the original animation series-many million years ago, an intellectual being beyond human's imagination lives on a mechinary plenat called Cybertron. The peace on Cybertron is broken by an evil clique called Deciptcon, led by Megatron. The Autobots, lea by Optimus Prime, resists the total domination of Deciptcon til both side exhaust the energy............

On this Michael Bay's Transformers, the energy is not the main issue but insteading of a cube called spark something which has an ultimate power to restore the homeworld of Autobots and Deciptcons or destroy Earth......I do not remeber its name. That's okay to me because the producer has his own vision to reconstruct this old animation. This two hour movie, however, wastes most time to illustrate the US most advanced millitary force, such as F-22, Internet communication, HP laptop computer, A-10 strike fighter....., and tell a teenager's daydream-car, girl, and whatever, but ignore to give more details about the struggle between the Autobots and Deciptcons. I wonder how much money Pentigan donate to let Michael Bay shot this suck movie. Apparently. Micheal Bay does not pay more attention to construct a whole new viewpoint about the war between good and evil. Only few words can convince people how severe the war on Cybertron? No one believes that.

Even though I give up my knowledge about Transformers to watch this movie, I still disappoint with Michael Bay's poor story telling skill and unacceptable storyline about Transformers. Micheal Bay and his people forget that the leading role is the Allien robots, not human being. Why should fans of the oringinal animation Transformers spend their money to go to a theater to watch this movie with dealing no more Transfromers but describing father and son, boy and girl, secret agency and US governmant?

Comparing to his talent of direction on Pearl Harbor, Michael Bay shows his third-rate direction on this movie, except the comedy parts and ILM's special effect. I see no more details about Transformers, no more innovation and interpret that Michael Bay promised, but see a movie without frame and subject-the war among the transformers. Steven Spielberg told the truth on Behind the scene of Transformer and said that this movie is about a family, tellinf the relation between father and son. Yap! To remove the display of US millitary force and family part, this movie remains nothing.



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