Friday, October 28, 2005

Today is really awful.

Took a flight to downsouth, waited in a noisy and dusty enviroment for couple of hours, and executed carefully step by step, the third trial was failed totally. It meant that the last opportunity involving the self-flow refractory castables for the blast furnance constructing was gone. In my personal opinion(plus my colleage's), there are two major points causing the fail : one is the viscosity of mortar and another is the power of pumping mechine. At this moment, I don't want to waste time to give the details. I may discuss in my next essay, may I?! If we can not overcome or try to fulfill the power of pumping mechine, we may reduce the viscosity. In one word, we may not know well the key technique of self-flow refractory castable. Alas, fail is fail, a loser can not defend or debate for himself. I do not know that mey we get any chance again to modify this fail, but I am sure that there will be a strom in office tomorrow no doult. I have nothing to explain, do not want to give a word for controverting, get ready to prepare for the worst, and just tell the situation frankly. Anyway, the business is totally screwed out by the R&D ourself.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Self-flow Castable Crisis Passed Away?

Previously I mentioned on this topic, it was still on the small scale test. Due to the sucess in Lab., my superior decided the mass production. Raw material weighed and Chemicals prepared were all available without any error. Through mixed with Eirich High Speed Mixer made by Deutchland, sampling and testing were fullfil the ecperimental data. Everything looked like so smooth. The day the in-situ workablility test came, the test sample was plugged in the hose. As the sale informed this bad news, the superior requested to exam all self-flow product. The nightmare had came. All product was out of control. Too many variables were needed to check and narrow dawn them. After a long time struggle, my sueprior and I locked on the fine alumina powder and the mixing time and tried to adjust them. At this moment, the quility of self-flow castable mass product is stable. The third batch test sample was sent yesterday. But, I still worry about the third in-situ workability test.