Saturday, February 18, 2006

The TOEFL cmes next Tuesday

Two years almost passed away, my TOEFL score will expire soon. Although I do not have any idea about my next step, especially in the field that I want to study oversea, I still need a stimulus to improve my English ability on listening and writing or control it at a certain level, anyway. Moreover, It is important that TOEFL score is essential to apply a graduate school in US or in Canada so far. I have to keep going now that I dream of studying oversea or chase after my happiness.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

In Memory of Andreas Katsulas

Note: The left photo was from Andreas Katsulas' official website. Shot between scenes.
Andreas Katsulas was famous for the role, Ambassador G'Kar from Narn, on a Sci-fi drama Babylon 5. According to TrekToday, he also acted several charactors on Star Trek : The Next Generation and its prequel series Enterprise. On Star Trek, he played Tomalok, the Romulan commander from "The Enemy", "The Defector", "Future Imperfect" and series finale "All Good Things..." He also played the Vissian captain in Enterprise's "Cogenitor." Frankly speaking, I have no impression about his performance on Star Trek. XD
It is a pity that he died this week of lung cancer. Andreas Katsulas is the second main actor as the fans know died in severed decease. The first is Richard Biggs, performed Dr. Stephen Franklin, who passed away on May 22, 2004. Though these two actor passed away, their excellent performance on Babylon 5 will be printed in fans' memory eternally.