Friday, July 21, 2006

AM wet shotcrete refractory for Ladle

I do this project almost one year and do nothing in progress. Without a wet-gunning machine, I have no idea how to evaluate the effect of setting accelerators to the current recipe. I only know that the setting accelerator can increase the viscosity of refractory mixture suddenly, that is, change the rheological behavior of that. However, changing the rheological behavior does not mean that the AM wet shotcrete mixture can bond on the area of lade to be lined. Unfortunately, the current results is that the projected wet shorcrete mixture does flow over the back lining refractory surface. Ommm, what's my next step? I am not sure. I was polite to request the sales force to ask a customer to lend us a wet gunning machine. Due to no budget to prochase a wet gunning machine, to borrow one from the customer may be a possible approach to execute this project smooth and continually. Sign!


Giardiniello-An Italian restaurant at Minori

The third day after arriving my hotel, Villa Scarpariello, located near Ravello, a part of rhe coast of Amalfi, I decided to take a walk to visit Minori. It is not so far. It only takes me 25 minutes to go to there. Before I left the hotel, I ask one staff working there which restaurant is the best at Minori. He said," You wanna enjoy Italian food?" to me. I replied Yes. Without a consideration, he recommanded that the stuff of Giardiniello is worth to taste and eat and then gave me a brochure about Giadiniello. According to the upside photo, it seves pizza and wine. Actually, it also serves salad, spaghetti, beer, and other local delicacies. The down one shows pizza, one of my lunch. Does Pizza must be a circle? The answer is No! The ingrediants of this one are quit simple, only pizza cake, cheese, fresh tomato source and vegetables, but it tastes delicious. It is quit different to American style pizza, such as Pizza Hut, with lots of stuff. What? You ask how many people can share this pizza. The menu tells me that this one is for two people. However, it can serve for four. Can you imagine how big it is? If you are interesting in this ristorante(restanrant in Italian), you can mail to for more details.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Along the southwesturn coast of Italy, there are many small towns, such as Positano, Amalfi, Salerno, with a beach. Minori is one of them and its scale is smaller than Amalfi and Positano. In the right picture, you can see a belltower, a characteristic building in all towns along the coast of Amalfi. Behind the belltower, there is a church, another characteristic construction belonging to towns along the Amalfi coast, under reconstruction. Someone may ask why not to post a picture to show this town and its beach. I select this photo to illustrate the common characters, belltower and church, of all towns which I visited there along the coast of Amalfi. In the next post, I will indroduce a wonderful Italian restaurant located in a small street of Minori. Please be patient.