Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I knew this product from Passport to Europe, a program of Discovery Travel and Living Channel before I begun my trip to Italy. According to the indroduction on that show, it tastes sweet and smooth. It sounds like Ice wine. So, I decided to taste it by myself. Limoncello is a local alcohol product of southwestern coast of Italy. It is made from alcohol, suger, and lemom and looks like a beautiful yellow translucent liquid. This liquir is best served cool in iced glasses. Befroe drinking, I seem to sniff the aroma of fresh lemon. After swallwing, it tastes sweet with lemon flavor, smooth but its texture is similar to spirits. It's a great experience that I can not forget during my trip to Italy. Therefore, someone plans a trip to the southwestern coast of Italy and I will strong recommand her/him to taste Limoncello. Why? It's worth to give a try due to its sweet flavor with light aroma of fresh lemon.