Monday, April 17, 2006


Although the birthday means the day that I came to the world from somewhere, I still consider this day is one day like the other day in one year, nothing special. birthday has passed by. Why do I mention it? I just read my favorite friend's birthday note and something coms into my brain. I don't remember when was my last birthday party and I don't have any impression about a birthday celebrated by my family. Even though I see some photos noted a birthday party in my early childhood, I have no idea who will be interesting on my birthday. Moreover, I do not understand why does some guys like to celebrate his/her birthday. I may use my birthday as an excuse to invite some of my friends to get together and enjoy some delicacies. I never feel that way in which is a good idea to pass my birthday. I always think that way in which is just a kind of social behavior. Since I have my own memory, I never get a birthday benediction from my friends til I know my favorite friend, the first one who give me a birthday blessing voluntarily every year. Nowaday, my birthday becomes one day that reminds me to give my favorite friend whom was born in April 8 a birthday blessing. And I think I found the meaning of birthday - to concern someone, especially my parents, you really care of and do not forget to express your solicitude in time.