Friday, September 23, 2005

The day I am idolent!

Ya! Since I waked up this morning, I decided to waste my time all day long, do nothing on any projects, chat with somebody on MSN, take a neap, and ....... That's right. To be an understaff is my goal today. Try to think this viewpoint- Doing nothing and earning the sollary. Is that fantasitic? I believe everyone who works for someone agrees this opinion no doult. Why should I work so hard so tired? I devote my time to develope a new recipe, to find a composition to amend the shortage of the product, to type a fucking report or document for the sales. Can I get any reward? What? You say,"Achievement feeling." No~~~~~~~! Do not tell me this vacant feeling again. Camparing to money, it's nothing. I give my best effort to my company, to improve the quaility of product, to finish every project, and do lots of monkey business about massive production but I am forced to take more responsibility. My sollary is still so low. I finish one great job, no one gives me a praise and remember; I do somethiong wrong, my boss always talks that to me. Though I amend, he always doesn't spare and talk the same again again and again. Moreover, I am not omnipotent. I can't be an expert in all fields. Do not ask me how to design, arrange a new lab. I have lots of junk to handle. Do not find this monkey business to bother me. Therefore, I realise the truth of the Principle of Dilbert.


Thursday, September 22, 2005



果人:每隔一陣子,就有一些果人跑去Star Trek版耍寶。更扯的是,還有更多的果人跟著一起起鬨。果然,從Star Trek的創造者到該片大部分的影迷都是果人一族的。唉..........!這個世界果然還是以果人居多。







愛耳鳴:末日近了 信果人得永生


兔子:難道仲間是宇宙的中心 *汗*



Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Basic German 3 -- extending dialog from 2

Boy: Tina, wo wohnen Sie?

Girl: Ich lebe in Vancouver, Canada.

Boy:Spricht Sie Englisch und Franzoesisch?

Girl: Nein, ich spreche Chinesisch und Englisch. Aber, ich lerne gerade Franzoesisch.

Boy: Oh! Sie sind sehr intelligent. Ich spreche nur wenig Englisch.

Girl:Danke shoen!



人稱 單數 人稱 複數

ich lerne wir lernen

du lernst ihr lernt

sie lernt sie lernen

Sie您 lernen


Monday, September 19, 2005

Trilingual induhvidual

May I get a chance to reach the goal? Oh~~~~~~~~~~~~~! I ignore that I am an induhvidual. An induhvidual can't become a lingual genius. Although I can't master three kind of languages, I can disguise a trilingual guy to bluff the other induhviduals. Ya! That's it. I like this lousy idea.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Think and Express in the other language

It isn't easy to me. My English is very very poor, especially in so-called vocabulary. For example, the word " show" means performance, an action to express, indication, an event to demonstrate or illustrate...etc. I may only use "show" in my essay, my talk, my dialog, or my webblog. Why? There are so many synonyms about "show". You can not always type show show show show in your stuff. It is clear that my brain capacity is not capable of memorising lots of English words. Otherwise, I really really hate to memorise all day long. I should search an alternative to adapt or overcome this awful situation. I may have a long long road to crawl.