Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Last night in Hokkaido

They were built by my friend and his friends, engineers of SE, in the garden, located in front of the hotel we stayed. I missed this chance to build them because I stayed in my room. It was a little pitty to me but my own decision. However, my friend ever went back to grap something to build these two snowmen and told me that I can go to appreciate their work if I am interesting before he left the room. Therefore, I decided to join them to make a snowman. It was too late to join them because they had done works, as shown in the right photo. To shoot a photo was the only thing that I can do there. Of course! It is impossible that I only took this one.


Schloss Neuschwanstein

I get the picture from google because my digicamera is still in Europe. Does it look beautiful? For more photos, you can click the above link to visit the official web site. Schloss Neuscheanstein was built by King Ludwig II, the last king of Bavaria. It's also the prototype castle on Disney animation, Sleeping Beauty. Schloss Neuschwanstein locates in Schwangau, a small town near the border between Deutschland and Austria. In its neighborhood, there is another castle, called Hohenschwangau. It is not as beautiful as Neuschwanstein. But, it is still worth to visit. Near Schloss Hohenschwangu, there is a lake called Alp ( Alpsee in Deutsch). The scence along the lake is also worth to appreciate. If you finish your Schloss tour there, do not miss the Lake Alp. Ops, I forget to introduce the word, Schloss. It means castle in German. Ok! After pointing the focus there, I should explain how to get there. First step is to get Muenchen (Munich) and buy a DB (Deutsch Bahn, means German Rail) ticket to Fuessen. As you arrive Fuessen, you can find the shuttle bus to Schwangau. To take that bus, you can get there, conduct some information at i, and then find several pathways to go to Schloss Neuschwanstein. You can choose a way you like depending on your budget. Moreover, it's necessary that you have to buy a ticket, get there in time, and the staff working in Neuschwanstein will allow you to visit the inside. If you want to know more information, please contact its web site.





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Sunday, July 02, 2006


總之,這部戲不用上電影院、不用花錢弄DVD,只銷有機會電視或是飛機上觀賞後一笑置之,當成一場與喜劇式愛情童話的相逢就好了。至於戲中所點出了停滯不前的問題,我拿STDS9(Star Trek:Deep Space Nine,中譯銀河前哨)開頭席班爵中校與蟲洞先知的對話作呼應好了:人類不是線性的動物!剩下的,大家自己衍生吧!